Digital Rights Management

With Digital Rights Management (DRM), the rights of ebooks can be controlled. DRM-technology developed by Adobe enables the distribution of ebooks to users who have the rights to them. In practice, it's a matter of restricting illegitimate use and distribution of ebooks. When an ebook is protected using Adobe DRM, the content is encrypted and the rights for the content are tied into user's account when utilizing the content for the first time.

To be able to read Adobe DRM-protected books purchased from Ellibs, you'll need an Adobe ID -account and a reading software compatible with Adobe DRM. If necessary, please read more information about creating an Adobe ID and installing a proper reader software from instuctions pages.

You're able to transfer Adobe DRM-protected content up to 5 different devices, as long as you use the same Adobe ID for each device. Rights for printing and copying to clipboard vary between titles, and the rights for each book are presented in the book information page.

Key Concepts