Cookie policy

A cookie is a small text file that a web browser saves on a user's device when using the service. The purpose of the cookie is to recognize the device when a user is using or re-visiting the service. Cookies can contain, for example, information about user's selections. When a cookie is stored on a device, the web-server can utilize information stored on the cookie, along with the information stored on the server. A cookie can't collect other information from the device, and it can't transmit viruses or other malware.

This website is using permanent and session cookies. Permanent cookies are being removed after certain period of time. Session cookies are being removed when the user closes the browser. We're using cookies to technically improve navigation, collecting user statistics and for social media features.

Your browser accepts cookies when visiting the website. If you don't accept cookies, you can change the settings from your browser and remove the stored cookies from your hard drive. Most browsers will accept cookies automatically, but there's also a possibility to reject cookies. If you decide to reject cookies, there is a possibility that all features of this service are not functioning the way they are supposed to.

You can read more about cookies from the pages of Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority.