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Lohman, Kirsty - The Connected Lives of Dutch Punks, ebook

The Connected Lives of Dutch Punks

Lohman, Kirsty


Table of contents
1. The Connected Lives of Dutch Punks: Contesting Subcultural Boundaries
Kirsty Lohman
2. Theories of Punk and Subculture
Kirsty Lohman
3. Punk Lives On: Generations of Punk and Squatting in the Netherlands

Beem, Charles - The Name of a Queen, ebook

The Name of a Queen

Beem, Charles


Table of contents
1. Introduction: “The Name of a Queene”
Dennis Moore
Part I. The Dialogue
2. William Fleetwood’s Itinerarium ad Windsor
Dennis Moore
Part II. The Participants
3. William Fleetwood and Itinerarium ad Windsor

Castiglione, Caroline - Accounting for Affection, ebook

Accounting for Affection

Castiglione, Caroline


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Caroline Castiglione
2. Practicing Motherhood When the Definition of “Family” Is Ambiguous
Caroline Castiglione
3. “The Interests Common to Us All”
Caroline Castiglione
4. At the Nexus…

Catlos, Brian A. - Can We Talk Mediterranean?, ebook

Can We Talk Mediterranean?

Catlos, Brian A.


Table of contents
1. Why the Mediterranean?
Brian A. Catlos
2. The Thalassal Optic
Cecily J. Hilsdale
3. Negotiating the Corrupting Sea: Literature in and of the Medieval Mediterranean
Sharon Kinoshita
4. Desiderata for the…