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Fuchs, Gerhard - Rethinking Regional Innovation and Change, ebook

Rethinking Regional Innovation and Change

Fuchs, Gerhard


Table of contents
1. Beyond Path Dependency and Competitive Convergence
Christoph Scherrer
2. Tacit Knowledge, Path Dependency and Local Trajectories of Growth
Meric S. Gertler
3. Regional Transformation and Regional Disequilibrium:…

Davidsson, Per - Researching Entrepreneurship, ebook

Researching Entrepreneurship

Davidsson, Per


Table of contents
1. What is Entrepreneurship?
2. Entrepreneurship as Research Domain
3. This Thing Called “Theory”
4. General Design Issues
5. Sampling Issues
6. Operationalization Issues
7. Special Topic: Preparing a “Secondary”…

Appa, Gautam - Handbook on Modelling for Discrete Optimization, ebook

Handbook on Modelling for Discrete Optimization

Appa, Gautam


Table of contents
1. The Formulation and Solution of Discrete Optimisation Models
H. Paul Williams
2. Continuous Approaches for Solving Discrete Optimization Problems
Panos M Pardalos, Oleg A Prokopyev, Stanislav Busygin

Audretsch, David - Local Heroes in the Global Village, ebook

Local Heroes in the Global Village

Audretsch, David


Table of contents
Part One. Globalization and New Entrepreneurship Policies
1. Entrepreneurship Policy in Comparative-Historical Transatlantic Perspectives
Heike Grimm, David B. Audretsch
2. The Emergence of Entrepreneurship Policy

Herrmann, Jeffrey W. - Handbook of Production Scheduling, ebook

Handbook of Production Scheduling

Herrmann, Jeffrey W.


Table of contents
1. A History of Production Scheduling
Jeffrey W. Herrmann
2. The Human Factor in Planning and Scheduling
Kenneth N. McKay, Vincent C. S. Wiers
3. Organizational, Systems and Human Issues in Production Planning, Scheduling…

Elfring, Tom - Corporate Entrepreneurship and Venturing, ebook

Corporate Entrepreneurship and Venturing

Elfring, Tom


Table of contents
1. Dispersed and Focused Corporate Entrepreneurship: Ways to Balance Exploitation and Exploration
Tom Elfring
2. Corporate Entrepreneurship Through Radical Innovation: Key Organization and Initiative Level Mechanisms