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Devine, Dympna - New Managerialism in Education, ebook

New Managerialism in Education

Devine, Dympna


Table of contents
Part I. Governance in Irish Education
1. New Managerialism as a Political Project: The Irish Case
Kathleen Lynch, Bernie Grummell, Dympna Devine
2. The Culture of Governance in Irish Education
Kathleen Lynch, Bernie Grummell, Dympna Devine
Part II. Appointing Senior Managers
3. The

Henze, Raphaela - Exporting Culture, ebook

Exporting Culture

Henze, Raphaela


The Weak and the Strong Term “European Arts Project” – Potential and Lack of Self-Consciousness within Cultural Structures on the Continent
Gernot Wolfram
6. Democratising Cultural Institutions – A Challenge for Europe. A Challenge for Culture

Köhn, Doris - Mobilising Capital for Emerging Markets, ebook

Mobilising Capital for Emerging Markets

Köhn, Doris


Table of contents
1. Securitization: Wonder Drug or Financial Alchemy?
Michael Klein
2. Mobilising Capital for the Poor – How Does Structured Finance Fit in Emerging Markets?
Klaus Maurer
3. The Role of Public and Private Investors for Structured Finance in Emerging Markets
Peter Hartig
4. Structured

Müller, Dieter K. - Tourism in Transitions, ebook

Tourism in Transitions

Müller, Dieter K.


Island in Transition: Tourists, Volunteers and Migrants Attracted by an Art-Based Revitalization Project in the Seto Inland Sea
Carolin Funck, Nan Chang
6. Second Home Tourism: Social and Economic Change in Developing Countries like South Africa

Marwaha, Sanjay - Clean and Sustainable Groundwater in India, ebook

Clean and Sustainable Groundwater in India

Marwaha, Sanjay


Groundwater Resources and Sustainable Management Issues in India
Dipankar Saha, Sanjay Marwaha, Arunangshu Mukherjee
2. Fluoride Contamination in Groundwater: A Pilot Study on Dug Well Recharge System for In situ Mitigation
L. Elango, G. Jagadeshan