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Drosg, Manfred - Dealing with Uncertainties, ebook

Dealing with Uncertainties

Drosg, Manfred


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Manfred Drosg
2. Basics on Data
Manfred Drosg
3. Basics on Uncertainties
Manfred Drosg
4. Radioactive Decay,a Model for Random Events
Manfred Drosg
5. Frequency and Probability Distributions

Reed, Kaye E. - The Paleobiology of Australopithecus, ebook

The Paleobiology of Australopithecus

Reed, Kaye E.


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Issues in the Life and Times of Australopithecus
Kaye E. Reed
Part I. Geological and Paleontological Context
2. Age Ranges of Australopithecus Species, Kenya, Ethiopia, and Tanzania

Fleming, James Rodger - The Callendar Effect, ebook

The Callendar Effect

Fleming, James Rodger


Table of contents
1. The Early Years to 1930
James Rodger Fleming
2. A Family Man
James Rodger Fleming
3. Steam Engineering
James Rodger Fleming
4. Defense Work
James Rodger Fleming
5. Global Warming and Anthropogenic…