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Delbruck, Tobi - Event-Based Neuromorphic Systems, ebook

Event-Based Neuromorphic Systems

Delbruck, Tobi


Event-based neuromorphic systems are inspired by the brain's efficient data-driven communication design, which is key to its quick responses and remarkable capabilities.  This cross-disciplinary text establishes how circuit building blocks are combined in architectures

Chiueh, Tzi-Dar - OFDM Baseband Receiver Design for Wireless Communications, ebook

OFDM Baseband Receiver Design for Wireless Communications

Chiueh, Tzi-Dar


As technologies such as mobile digital broadcasting, Wi-Fi, and WiMAX become more prevalent, increasing numbers of engineers are participating in OFDM system design. With OFDM techniques positioned to become the solution of choice for beyond 3G and 4G communications systems, the march toward

Li, Gou-Qiang - Advanced Analysis and Design of Steel Frames, ebook

Advanced Analysis and Design of Steel Frames

Li, Gou-Qiang


This book, split into two parts covering advanced analysis and advanced design of steel frames, guides the reader from a broad array of frame elements through to advanced design methods such as deterministic, reliability, and

BouhaÏ, Nasreddine - Designing Interactive Hypermedia Systems, ebook

Designing Interactive Hypermedia Systems

BouhaÏ, Nasreddine


The design and development of hypermedia systems is a complex process. It demands to take into account: the types of information, supported media, distributing/using environments, type of end-users, kinds of tasks, social contexts, practices and usages it modifies. This book aims at exploring