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Kubota, Jumpei - Sustainable Water Management, ebook

Sustainable Water Management

Kubota, Jumpei


Local-Level Water Conservation Assessment in the Upstream Watershed Based on Land-Use Scenarios
Hiroki Oue, Sanz Grifrio Limin
Part III. Practices in Indonesia: Participatory Approach Toward Sustainable Water Resources Management
5. A Participatory Approach

Voeks, Robert - African Ethnobotany in the Americas, ebook

African Ethnobotany in the Americas

Voeks, Robert


Marketing, Culture, and Conservation Value of NTFPs: Case Study of Afro-Ecuadorian Use of Piquigua, Heteropsis ecuadorensis (Araceae)
Maria Fadiman
8. Berimbau de barriga: Musical Ethnobotany of the Afro-Brazilian Diaspora
James Sera, Robert

Crăciun, Cerasella - Space and Time Visualisation, ebook

Space and Time Visualisation

Crăciun, Cerasella


Digital Art Conservation: Review of the Book and an Itinerant Exhibition Resulting from a European Project
Maria Boştenaru Dan, Alex Dill
Part IV. Virtual Reality
10. Lost Cities in the Digital Era: The Case of Pre-Earthquake Lisbon
Helena Murteira,

Hairer, Ernst - Geometric Numerical Integration, ebook

Geometric Numerical Integration

Hairer, Ernst


Table of contents
1. Examples and Numerical Experiments
Ernst Hairer, Gerhard Wanner, Christian Lubich
2. Numerical Integrators
Ernst Hairer, Gerhard Wanner, Christian Lubich
3. Order Conditions, Trees and B-Series
Ernst Hairer, Gerhard Wanner, Christian Lubich
4. Conservation of First Integrals and

Sanders, Catherine M. - Surviving Grief ... and Learning to Live Again, ebook

Surviving Grief ... and Learning to Live Again

Sanders, Catherine M.


To help us better understand the process, she describes the five universal phases of grief: Shock, Awareness of Loss, Conservation and The Need to Withdraw, Healing, and Renewal, and guides us through each. Drawing directly from her own experiences and those of her

Shang, De-Yi - Heat Transfer of Laminar Mixed Convection of Liquid, ebook

Heat Transfer of Laminar Mixed Convection of Liquid

Shang, De-Yi


Theoretical Foundation on Conservation Equations of Laminar Mixed Convection
De-Yi Shang, Liang-Cai Zhong
3. Our Innovative Similarity Transformation Models of Convection Velocity Field
De-Yi Shang, Liang-Cai Zhong
Part II. Hydrodynamics and Heat

Galvin, Kathleen A. - Fragmentation in Semi-Arid and Arid Landscapes, ebook

Fragmentation in Semi-Arid and Arid Landscapes

Galvin, Kathleen A.


Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Tanzania: Fragmentation of a Unique Region of the Greater Serengeti Ecosystem
Kathleen A. Galvin, Philip K. Thornton, Randall B. Boone, Linda M. Knapp
12. North-West Province, South Africa: Communal and Commercial Livestock Systems