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Gusejnova, Dina - Cosmopolitanism in Conflict, ebook

Cosmopolitanism in Conflict

Gusejnova, Dina


Cosmopolitanism and Internationalism in Modern British Political Thought: Continuities and Discontinuities
Georgios Varouxakis
7. The BBC’s Corporate Cosmopolitanism: The Diasporic Voice Between Empire and Cold War
Marie Gillespie, Eva Nieto McAvoy

Suzuki, Hideaki - Slave Trade Profiteers in the Western Indian Ocean, ebook

Slave Trade Profiteers in the Western Indian Ocean

Suzuki, Hideaki


Consulate Politics in the Scramble after Sa‛īd: How Did the British Consulate Secure Superiority over the Sultan of Zanzibar?
Hideaki Suzuki
8. 1860: The Rigby Emancipation and the Rise of the Indian Resident Nationality Problem
Hideaki Suzuki

Grant, Kevin - Beyond sovereignty, ebook

Beyond sovereignty

Grant, Kevin


The Persistence of Privilege: British Medical Qualifications and the Practice of Medicine in the Empire
Douglas M. Haynes

Williams, Rev. E. A. - The Cruise of the Pearl, ebook

The Cruise of the Pearl

Williams, Rev. E. A.


S Pearl', says in his introduction: 'This is, I believe, the only example in English history of officers and seamen of the Royal Navy leaving their ships, and taking their guns seven or eight hundred miles into the interior of a great continent, to serve as soldiers,

Northrup, David - How English Became the Global Language, ebook

How English Became the Global Language

Northrup, David


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Disciplines, Perspectives, Debates, and Overview
David Northrup
2. The Language of the British Isles
David Northrup
3. The Language of North America
David Northrup
4. English in Imperial Asia and Africa
David Northrup
5. Cultural Worlds
David Northrup

Mandler, Peter - Liberty and Authority in Victorian Britain, ebook

Liberty and Authority in Victorian Britain

Mandler, Peter


Contributors include leading scholars in British political, social and cultural history, so that 'liberty' is seen in the round, not just as a set of ideas or of political slogans, but also as a public and private philosophy that

Andrews, Maggie - The Home Front in Britain, ebook

The Home Front in Britain

Andrews, Maggie


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Maggie Andrews, Janis Lomas
2. Ideas and Ideals of Domesticity and Home in the First World War
Maggie Andrews
3. A Personal Account of the Home Front
Angela Clare Smith
4. Soldiering On: War Widows in First World War Britain
Janis Lomas
5. Mortality or Morality?

Baxter, Christopher - Britain in Global Politics Volume 1, ebook

Britain in Global Politics Volume 1

Baxter, Christopher


The Committee on American Opinion on the British Empire, 1942–1944
Andrew Stewart
12. The Colonial versus the Anti-Colonial: The Failure of Anglo-American Planning on the Future of the Italian Colonies, September 1943–June 1945
Saul Kelly

Hagemann, Karen - Gender, War and Politics, ebook

Gender, War and Politics

Hagemann, Karen


John Bull into Battle: Military Masculinity and the British Army Officer during the Napoleonic Wars
Catriona Kennedy
8. Middle-Class Masculinity in an Immigrant Diaspora: War, Revolution and Russia’s Ethnic Germans
Alexander M. Martin
Part III. Warfare,