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Budinich, Valeria - Scaling up Business Solutions to Social Problems, ebook

Scaling up Business Solutions to Social Problems

Budinich, Valeria


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Olivier Kayser, Valeria Budinich
Part I. Solutions that work
2. Faces of poverty
Olivier Kayser, Valeria Budinich
3. Social entrepreneurs and “system change” strategies
Olivier Kayser, Valeria Budinich
4. Why focus on market-based social innovations?

Thorvaldsson, Armann - Frozen Assets: How I Lived Iceland's Boom and Bust, ebook

Frozen Assets: How I Lived Iceland's Boom and Bust

Thorvaldsson, Armann


Iceland truly lived the boom and bust. Once a tiny country on the edge of Europe, in less than two decades it became a global financial powerhouse.
This is the story of how one man, one bank and one country experienced and affected the course of world economic history. Armann Thorvaldsson, a former CEO at Kaupthing in the

Jongsma, Arthur E. - Adult Psychotherapy Homework Planner, ebook

Adult Psychotherapy Homework Planner

Jongsma, Arthur E.


This easy-to-use sourcebook features:
* 61 ready-to-copy exercises covering the most common issues encountered by adults in therapy
* A quick-reference format-the interactive assignments are grouped by behavioral problem, such as chemical dependence, grief, financial

Tuominen, Kari - The Baldrige Criteria for Public Organisations, ebook

The Baldrige Criteria for Public Organisations

Tuominen, Kari


Revised to align with 2012 framework, with addition of Scoring Summary Sheet and links to related books. Available in printed form and as an e-book.
A self assessment workbook that has been drawn up as a self-assessment tool for organisations in…

Chapman, Bruce - Income Contingent Loans, ebook

Income Contingent Loans

Chapman, Bruce


Table of contents
1. Introduction and Summary
Bruce Chapman, Timothy Higgins, Joseph E. Stiglitz
1. Income Contingent Loans: Background
2. Income Contingent Loans: Background
Bruce Chapman
Part I. Towards a Theory of Income Contingent Loans
3. Remarks on Income Contingent Loans: How Effective can they