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Patel, Vipul R. - Robotic Urologic Surgery, ebook

Robotic Urologic Surgery

Patel, Vipul R.


Table of contents
1. Robotic Urologic Surgery: An Introduction and Vision for the Future
Nicholas J. Hegarty, Inderbir S. Gill
2. Robotic Surgical Systems
Vimal K. Narula, W. Scott Melvin
3. Multispeciality Applications of Robotic Technology

Baker, Daryll M. - Stroke Prevention in Clinical Practice, ebook

Stroke Prevention in Clinical Practice

Baker, Daryll M.


Table of contents
Part I. Introduction
1. The Significance Of Stroke
Daryll M. Baker
2. Identifying Patients at Risk of Ischemic Stroke
Daryll M. Baker
3. Investigating Patients at Risk of Stroke
Daryll M. Baker
Part II.…

Shor, Allan - Chlamydia Atherosclerosis Lesion, ebook

Chlamydia Atherosclerosis Lesion

Shor, Allan


Table of contents
1. Introduction
2. The Germ’s Story
3. The Deadly Disease
4. Atheroma Gruel
5. Discovery
6. Which Chlamydia Species?
7. Identification of the Atheroma Germ
8. Publications, Presentations, and Confirmation

Rutty, Guy N. - Essentials of Autopsy Practice, ebook

Essentials of Autopsy Practice

Rutty, Guy N.


Table of contents
1. Postmortem Toxicological Redistribution
Olaf H. Drummer
2. Examination of Fractures at Autopsy
Archie J. Malcolm
3. The Relationship of Body Weight and Sudden Death
James A.J. Rex Ferris
4. Fatal Sexual…

Latash, Mark L. - Motor Control and Learning, ebook

Motor Control and Learning

Latash, Mark L.


Table of contents
I..Control of Movement and Posture
1. The Nature of Voluntary Control of Motor Actions
Anatol G. Feldman
2. Plans for Grasping Objects
David A. Rosenbaum, Rajal G. Cohen, Ruud G. J. Meulenbroek, Jonathan Vaughan

Gorwood, Philip - Psychopharmacogenetics, ebook


Gorwood, Philip


Table of contents
1. Introduction on psychopharmacogenetics
Philip Gorwood, Elizabeth Foot
2. Genetics of anxiety and related disorders: implications for pharmacogenetics
Klaus-Peter Lesch
3. Major depressive disorders: depressive disorders

Smiseth, Otto A. - Diastolic Heart Failure, ebook

Diastolic Heart Failure

Smiseth, Otto A.


Table of contents
Section 1. Pathophysiology
1. Molecular Mechanisms of Diastolic Dysfunction
Gilles W. Keulenaer, Dirk L. Brutsaert
2. Pathophysiologic Aspects of Myocardial Relaxation and End-Diastolic Stiffness of Cardiac Ventricles