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Irie, Kay - Realizing Autonomy, ebook

Realizing Autonomy

Irie, Kay


Learner Autonomy for International Students: Evolution of a University JSL Program
Tomoko Ikeda, Nobuko Saito, Shoko Ieda
3. Experimenting with Autonomy: Learners Teaching Learners
Christopher Wharton
4. Introducing a Negotiated Curriculum

Stein, Mary Kay - Instructional Explanations in the Disciplines, ebook

Instructional Explanations in the Disciplines

Stein, Mary Kay


Instructional Explanations in a Legal Classroom: Are Students’ Argument Diagrams of Hypothetical Reasoning Diagnostic?
Kevin D. Ashley, Collin Lynch
12. Connecting with Art: How Families Talk About Art in a Museum Setting
Karen Knutson, Kevin Crowley