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Hoober, J. Kenneth - The Structure and Function of Plastids, ebook

The Structure and Function of Plastids

Hoober, J. Kenneth


Table of contents
1. Plastid Origin and Development
1. The Diversity of Plastid Form and Function
Robert R. Wise
2. Chloroplast Development: Whence and Whither
J. Kenneth Hoober
3. Protein Import Into Chloroplasts: Who, When, and…

Yip, Sidney - Scientific Modeling and Simulations, ebook

Scientific Modeling and Simulations

Yip, Sidney


Table of contents
1. Scientific Modeling and Simulations
Tomas Diaz Rubia, Sidney Yip
2. A retrospective on the journal of computer-aided materials design (JCAD), 1993–2007
Sidney Yip
3. Extrapolative procedures in modelling and simulations:…

Dumitrica, Traian - Trends in Computational Nanomechanics, ebook

Trends in Computational Nanomechanics

Dumitrica, Traian


Table of contents
1. Hybrid Quantum/Classical Modeling of Material Systems: The “Learn on the Fly” Molecular Dynamics Scheme
Gianpietro Moras, Rathin Choudhury, James R. Kermode, Gabor CsÁnyi, Michael C. Payne, Alessandro Vita
2. Multiscale…

Cataldo, Franco - Fulleranes, ebook


Cataldo, Franco


Table of contents
1. Fulleranes and Carbon Nanostructures in the Interstellar Medium
Susana Iglesias-Groth, Franco Cataldo
2. Infrared and Ultraviolet Spectra of Fulleranes: HREELS Studies and Implications for the Interstellar Medium

Bánfalvi, Gáspár - Apoptotic Chromatin Changes, ebook

Apoptotic Chromatin Changes

Bánfalvi, Gáspár


Table of contents
1. DNA Empire
Gáspár Bánfalvi
2. Structural Organization of DNA
Gáspár Bánfalvi
3. Chromatin Condensation
Gáspár Bánfalvi
4. Apoptosis
Gáspár Bánfalvi
5. Apoptotic Chromatin Changes

Bruin, Boudewijn de - Explaining Games, ebook

Explaining Games

Bruin, Boudewijn de


Table of contents
1. Preliminaries
Boudewijn Bruin
2. Normal Form Games
Boudewijn Bruin
3. Extensive Games
Boudewijn Bruin
4. Applications of Game Theory
Boudewijn Bruin
5. The Methodology of Game Theory

Barysz, Maria - Relativistic Methods for Chemists, ebook

Relativistic Methods for Chemists

Barysz, Maria


Table of contents
1. An Introduction to Relativistic Quantum Chemistry
W. H. Eugen Schwarz
2. Relativistic Effects and the Chemistry of the Heavier Main Group Elements
John S. Thayer
3. Why do we Need Relativistic Computational Methods?