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Perea, Enrique Castaño - Architectural Draughtsmanship, ebook

Architectural Draughtsmanship

Perea, Enrique Castaño


Survey, Model and Multimedia Communication: From Teaching to Research
Manuela Incerti, Stefania Iurilli
39. Graphic Analysis Between Teaching and Research. Mario Ridolfi Unbuilt
Francesco Maggio, Vincenza Garofalo
40. Teaching to See
Clara Eugenia

Wang, Yinglin - Practical Applications of Intelligent Systems, ebook

Practical Applications of Intelligent Systems

Wang, Yinglin


Regression Testing Based on Neural Networks and Program Slicing Techniques
Farn Wang, Shun-Ching Yang, Ya-Lan Yang
51. Mapping a Resource Description Framework OLAP Ontology to the Business Intelligence Semantic Model
Peter Thanisch, Tapio Niemi, Marko

Omatu, Sigeru - Distributed Computing and Artificial Intelligence, ebook

Distributed Computing and Artificial Intelligence

Omatu, Sigeru


Towards a Service Based on “Train-to-Earth” Wireless Communications for Remotely Managing the Configuration of Applications Inside Trains
Itziar Salaberria, Roberto Carballedo, Asier Perallos
15. CDEBMTE: Creation of Diverse Ensemble Based on Manipulation

Sun, Fuchun - Foundations and Applications of Intelligent Systems, ebook

Foundations and Applications of Intelligent Systems

Sun, Fuchun


Joint Rate and Power Allocation for Cognitive Radios Networks with Uncertain Channel Gains
Zhixin Liu, Jinfeng Wang, Hongjiu Yang, Kai Ma
27. Link Prediction Based on Sequential Bayesian Updating in a Terrorist Network
Cheng Jiang, Juyun Wang, Hua Yu