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Gu, Fanji - Advances in Cognitive Neurodynamics ICCN 2007, ebook

Advances in Cognitive Neurodynamics ICCN 2007

Gu, Fanji


Two-Dimension Mass-Moment Control Based on the Fuzzy Neural Networks Variable Structure Control
Zhiqin Qian, Heng Cao, Ding Du, Zhengyang Ling, Di Cao, Yongbo Long
177. Constructive Approximation Method of Polynomial by Neural Networks
Jianjun Wang, Zongben

Durán, Juan José - Mathematics of Planet Earth, ebook

Mathematics of Planet Earth

Durán, Juan José


Ensemble Kalman Filter Assimilation of Transient Groundwater Flow Data: Stochastic Moment Solution Versus Traditional Monte Carlo Approach
Marco Panzeri, Monica Riva, Alberto Guadagnini, Shlomo P. Neuman
91. New Analytical Solutions for Phreatic Darcian Flows

O'Dowd, Colin D. - Nucleation and Atmospheric Aerosols, ebook

Nucleation and Atmospheric Aerosols

O'Dowd, Colin D.


Table of contents
Part I. Nucleation: Experiment and Theory
1. Homogeneous Nucleation Rate Measurements and the Properties of Critical Clusters
Barbara E. Wyslouzil, Reinhard Strey, Judith Wölk, Gerald Wilemski, Yoojeong Kim
2. Size Analysis of Ion and Aerosol Nanoparticles in Nucleation and Growth