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Rebelo, Francisco - Advances in Ergonomics in Design, ebook

Advances in Ergonomics in Design

Rebelo, Francisco


Do Zenware Applications Reduce the Digital Distraction of Knowledge Workers? A Qualitative Study Based on Expert Interviews
Damian Gerbaulet, Oliver Korn
13. Human Work Interaction Design: Beyond Human Factors
Arminda Lopes, Pedro Campos, Barbara Rita

Adeli, Hojjat - New Advances in Information Systems and Technologies, ebook

New Advances in Information Systems and Technologies

Adeli, Hojjat


Functionalities as Superior Predictor of Applications Privacy Threats
Alessio Santo, Brice Quiquerez, Cédric Gaspoz
26. Technologies and Information Systems: A Contribution to the Sustainability of the Agri-Food Sector
José Luís Reis
27. Use of Standard

Ma, Ming - Communication Systems and Information Technology, ebook

Communication Systems and Information Technology

Ma, Ming


Smart Mobile User Adaptive System with Autonomous Sensor Networks
Ondrej Krejcar, Robert Frischer
57. Reduction of Player’s Weight by Active Playing Using Motion Sensors
Ondrej Krejcar, Dalibor Janckulik
58. Use of Neural Networks Library for Material

Latifi, Shahram - Information Technology - New Generations, ebook

Information Technology - New Generations

Latifi, Shahram


Performance Analysis of Transport Protocols for Multimedia Traffic Over Mobile Wi-Max Network Under Nakagami Fading
Fazlullah Khan, Faisal Rahman, Shahzad Khan, Syed Asif Kamal
Part II. Cybersecurity
15. CyberSecurity Education and Training in a Corporate