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Greer, David M. - Acute Ischemic Stroke: An Evidence-based Approach, ebook

Acute Ischemic Stroke: An Evidence-based Approach

Greer, David M.


Hallmark features include: Focused on acute ischemic stroke, the most rapidly growing area of stroke management Evidence based: Provides best evidence for treatment Clearly discusses areas and topics where best evidence has not yet been established Lays out treatment plans and protocols in handbook fashion

Charron, Martin - Pediatric PET Imaging, ebook

Pediatric PET Imaging

Charron, Martin


Neurology and Psychiatry
18. The Developing Brain
Lorcan A. O’Tuama, Paul R. Jolles
19. Neurodevelopmental and Neuropsychiatric Disorders
Marianne Glanzman, Josephine Elia
20. Epilepsy
Nicolaas I. Bohnen, James M. Mountz
21. Neurotransmitter

Agrawal, Abhishek - Pediatric Vascular Neurosurgery, ebook

Pediatric Vascular Neurosurgery

Agrawal, Abhishek


Table of contents
1. Evolution of Endovascular Treatment in Pediatric Population
Silky Chotai, Abhishek Agrawal
2. Cranial Vascular Anatomy and Its Variations
Petros Zampakis
3. Spinal Vascular Anatomy with Variations
Yi Jonathan Zhang, Sean Barber
4. Pediatric Vascular Neurology and Syndromes

Prayer, Daniela - Fetal MRI, ebook

Fetal MRI

Prayer, Daniela


The Fetal Neurology Clinic – A Multidisciplinary Approach
Gustavo Malinger, Dorit Lev, Tally Lerman-Sagie
11. Fetal Neuroimaging: Ultrasound or MRI?
Lou Pistorius
12. MRI of the Normal Fetal Lung
Gregor Kasprian
13. The Skeleton and Musculature

Friedman, Joseph H. - Psychiatry for Neurologists, ebook

Psychiatry for Neurologists

Friedman, Joseph H.


Historical Interfaces Between American Neurology and Psychiatry
Christopher G. Goetz
2. The Evolution of Psychiatry and Neurology
François Boller, Gianfranco Barba
3. Psychiatric Evaluation of the Neurological Patient

Butt, Arthur - Glial Neurobiology, ebook

Glial Neurobiology

Butt, Arthur


Features of this book: an accessible introduction to glial neurobiology including an overview of glial cell function and its active role in neural processes, brain function and nervous system pathology an exploration of all the major types of glial cells including: the astrocytes, oligodendrocytes

Berezin, Vladimir - Cell Adhesion Molecules, ebook

Cell Adhesion Molecules

Berezin, Vladimir


The Adhesion Molecule Anosmin-1 in Neurology: Kallmann Syndrome and Beyond
Fernando Castro, Pedro F. Esteban, Ana Bribián, Verónica Murcia-Belmonte, Diego García-González, Diego Clemente
13. Protocadherins in Neurological Diseases
Takahiro Hirabayashi,