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Chadee, Derek - The Social Psychology of Nonverbal Communication, ebook

The Social Psychology of Nonverbal Communication

Chadee, Derek


Nonverbal Neurology: How the Brain Encodes and Decodes Wordless Signs, Signals, and Cues
David B. Givens
3. Neuroscience of Nonverbal Communication
Milkica Nešić, Vladimir Nešić
4. Measuring Gestures
David B. Givens
5. Nonverbal Elements

Shorvon, Simon D. - The Treatment of Epilepsy, ebook

The Treatment of Epilepsy

Shorvon, Simon D.


Written and edited by leading experts, many actively involved with the International League Against Epilepsy, this new edition: covers the recent advances in the principles and approaches to epilepsy therapy, the introduction of new drugs and the development of new surgical techniques contains 26 completely

Sprenger, Marilee B. - The Leadership Brain For Dummies<sup>&#174;</sup>, ebook

The Leadership Brain For Dummies®

Sprenger, Marilee B.


She is a member of the American Academy of Neurology, the Cognitive Neuroscience Society, and the Learning and Brain Society Leadership Brain For Dummies provides practical, hands-on guidance for applying the information to make you a better leader
The Leadership

Donaldson, Magruder - Leg Pain, ebook

Leg Pain

Donaldson, Magruder


Leg Pain brings together, in a compact and easily transportable volume, expertise from the fields of vascular surgery, neurology, orthopedics and rheumatology, to offer insights into the clinical signs and symptoms associated with leg pain of diverse origins.

Cerutti, Sergio - Advanced Methods of Biomedical Signal Processing, ebook

Advanced Methods of Biomedical Signal Processing

Cerutti, Sergio


The book provides an overview of a compelling group of advanced biomedical signal processing techniques, such as multisource and multiscale integration of information for physiology and clinical decision; the impact of advanced methods of signal processing in cardiology and neurology;

Plum, Fred - Plum and Posner's Diagnosis of Stupor and Coma, ebook

Plum and Posner's Diagnosis of Stupor and Coma

Plum, Fred


The book is aimed at medical students and residents, in fields from internal medicine and pediatrics to emergency medicine, surgery, neurology, neurosurgery, and psychiatry, who are likely to encounter patients with disordered states of consciousness. It includes historical

Wallace, Edwin R. - History of Psychiatry and Medical Psychology, ebook

History of Psychiatry and Medical Psychology

Wallace, Edwin R.


Table of contents
Section One. Prolegomenon
1. Historiography
Edwin R. Wallace
2. Contextualizing the History of Psychiatry/Psychology and Psychoanalysis
Edwin R. Wallace
Section Two. Periods
3. Mind and Madness in Classical Antiquity
Bennett Simon
4. Mental Disturbances, Unusual Mental States,

Greer, David M. - Acute Ischemic Stroke: An Evidence-based Approach, ebook

Acute Ischemic Stroke: An Evidence-based Approach

Greer, David M.


Hallmark features include: Focused on acute ischemic stroke, the most rapidly growing area of stroke management Evidence based: Provides best evidence for treatment Clearly discusses areas and topics where best evidence has not yet been established Lays out treatment plans and protocols in handbook fashion

Friedman, Joseph H. - Psychiatry for Neurologists, ebook

Psychiatry for Neurologists

Friedman, Joseph H.


Historical Interfaces Between American Neurology and Psychiatry
Christopher G. Goetz
2. The Evolution of Psychiatry and Neurology
François Boller, Gianfranco Barba
3. Psychiatric Evaluation of the Neurological Patient