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Wang, Xudong - Electrical, Information Engineering and Mechatronics 2011, ebook

Electrical, Information Engineering and Mechatronics 2011

Wang, Xudong


Table of contents
1. The Track Initiation Method Based on Ant-Based Clustering Algorithm and Hough Transform Method
Huigang Xu, Benlian Xu, Fei Wang, Jihong Zhu
2. On the Design of Incremental Predictive Functional Control Algorithm
Wei Wu, Qiang Yang, Wenjun Yan
3. A Novel Fuzzy Data Association Algorithm

Williams, Edward - Light Metals 2016, ebook

Light Metals 2016

Williams, Edward


Twin-Roll Casting of Carbon Fiber-Reinforced and Glass Fiber-Reinforced Aluminum Strips
Olexandr Grydin, Mykhailo Stolbchenko, Mirko Schaper
169. Productivity Improvements in Industrial Twin-Roll Casting by Heat Loss Analysis Along the Process Chain

Corkum, Paul - Ultrafast Phenomena XV, ebook

Ultrafast Phenomena XV

Corkum, Paul


Table of contents
Part I. Attoseconds and High Harmonics
1. Sub 100 attosecond XUV pulses
E. Mével, I. J. Sola, L. Elouga, E. Constant, V. Strelkov, L. Poletto, P. Villoresi, G. Sansone, E. Benedetti, J -P. Caumes, S. Stagira, C. Vozzi, M. Nisoli
2. Quasi phase matching of high harmonic generation in waveguides

Krey, Nina - Back to the Future: Using Marketing Basics to Provide Customer Value, ebook

Back to the Future: Using Marketing Basics to Provide Customer Value

Krey, Nina


Table of contents
1. Managerial Decisions on International Price Adaptation: An Abstract
Christina Papadopoulou, Aristeidis Theotokis, Magnus Hultman
2. A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Middle-Class Meanings of Money in India and South Korea: An Abstract
Altaf Merchant, Gregory Rose, Sunmee Choi, Drew Martin, Mohit