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Summerhayes, C. P. - Earth's Climate Evolution, ebook

Earth's Climate Evolution

Summerhayes, C. P.


To understand climate change today, we first need to know how Earth’s climate changed over the past 450 million years. Finding answers depends upon contributions from a wide range of sciences, not just the rock record uncovered by geologists. In Earth’s Climate Evolution, Colin Summerhayes analyzes reports and records of

Rezaee, Reza - Fundamentals of Gas Shale Reservoirs, ebook

Fundamentals of Gas Shale Reservoirs

Rezaee, Reza


Provides comprehensive information about the key exploration, development and optimization concepts required for gas shale reservoirs
Includes statistics about gas shale resources and countries that have shale gas potential Addresses the challenges that oil and gas industries may confront for gas shale reservoir exploration

Lappa, Marcello - Rotating Thermal Flows in Natural and Industrial Processes, ebook

Rotating Thermal Flows in Natural and Industrial Processes

Lappa, Marcello


Rotating Thermal Flows in Natural and Industrial Processes provides the reader with a systematic description of the different types of thermal convection and flow instabilities in rotating systems, as present in materials, crystal growth, thermal engineering, meteorology, oceanography, geophysics

Finkl, Charles W. - Diversity in Coastal Marine Sciences, ebook

Diversity in Coastal Marine Sciences

Finkl, Charles W.


Geology, Geophysics and Sedimentology
6. New Insights into the Black Sea Basin, in the Light of the Reprocessing of Vintage Regional Seismic Data
Ioan Munteanu, Paolo Diviacco, Chiara Sauli, Corneliu Dinu, Mihai Burcă, Nicolae Panin, Giuseppe Brancatelli

King, Scott D. - Subduction Dynamics: From Mantle Flow to Mega Disasters, ebook

Subduction Dynamics: From Mantle Flow to Mega Disasters

King, Scott D.


Subduction dynamics has been actively studied through seismology, mineral physics, and laboratory and numerical experiments. Understanding the dynamics of the subducting slab is critical to a better understanding of the primary societally relevant natural hazards emerging from our planetary

Cannon, Steve - Petrophysics: A Practical Guide, ebook

Petrophysics: A Practical Guide

Cannon, Steve


  The evaluation, analysis and interpretation of this data is as much an art as a science as it requires an understanding of geology, chemistry, physics, electronics, mechanics and drilling technology.  The techniques have been developed over the last 100