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Boyle, Christine J. C. - Microbial Root Endophytes, ebook

Microbial Root Endophytes

Boyle, Christine J. C.


Role of Proteins Secreted by Rhizobia in Symbiotic Interactions with Leguminous Roots
Maged M. Saad, William J. Broughton, William J. Deakin
6. Research on Endophytic Bacteria: Recent Advances with Forest Trees
Richa Anand, Leslie Paul, Chris Chanway

Berghe, Lutgart - How to Make Boards Work, ebook

How to Make Boards Work

Berghe, Lutgart


The Secret to Boards in Reinventing Themselves
Ouarda Dsouli, Nadeem Khan, Nada K. Kakabadse
6. Reinventing Board Effectiveness: From Best Practice to Best Fit
Lutgart Berghe, Abigail Levrau
7. Fine-tuning Board Effectiveness Is Not Enough

Taylor, Peter C. - Contemporary Qualitative Research, ebook

Contemporary Qualitative Research

Taylor, Peter C.


Songs of Innocence and of Experience: Impressionist Tales and Secret Stories of Life in Classrooms
David Geelan
SECTION III. A New Era Of Research
14. Being Punk Helps to Perform a Phenomenological Study
Georgina Hawley
15. A Journey in the Construction