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Huang, Fay - Arts and Technology, ebook

Arts and Technology

Huang, Fay


Table of contents
1. From Digital Imaging to Computer Image Analysis of Fine Art
David G. Stork
2. Panoramic and 3D Computer Vision
Akihiko Torii, Reinhard Klette
3. Meaningful Engagement: Computer-Based Interactive Media Art in Public Space
Jiun-Jhy Her, Jim Hamlyn
4. Interactive WSN-Bar

Bresler, Liora - International Handbook of Research in Arts Education, ebook

International Handbook of Research in Arts Education

Bresler, Liora


Table of contents
Section 1. History
1. Prelude: History of Education and Arts Education
Gordon Cox
2. Capitalizing Art Education: Mapping International Histories
Mary Ann Stankiewicz
3. Interlude: Arts Education, the Aesthetic and Cultural Studies
Arthur D. Efland
4. A History of Drama Education: