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Thompson, William R. - Systemic Transitions, ebook

Systemic Transitions

Thompson, William R.


Whether and How Global Leadership Transitions Will Result in War: Some Long-Term Predictions from the Steps-to-War Explanation
John A. Vasquez
8. Implications of Asia’s Rise to Global Status
Jacek Kugler, Ronald L. Tammen
9. Kantian Dynamics and Systemic

Garbarino, James - Children and the Dark Side of Human Experience, ebook

Children and the Dark Side of Human Experience

Garbarino, James


The Right to Be Free from Hate: Protecting Voices of Compassion in Times of War and Political Violence
6. The Right to Be Economically “Regular”: What It Means to Be Desperately Poor
7. The Right to Equality: No Girl Left Behind
8. Home and Homeland: Displaced

Dagnino, Jorge - Faith and Fascism, ebook

Faith and Fascism

Dagnino, Jorge


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Jorge Dagnino
Part 1. The FUCI 1925–33
2. The FUCI and the Conquest of the Modern World: 1925–1933
Jorge Dagnino
3. The Architecture of the City of God: Politics and Society During the Montini-Righetti Era
Jorge Dagnino
4. The FUCI and Fascism, 1925–33

Rogers, Chris - The IMF and European Economies, ebook

The IMF and European Economies

Rogers, Chris


Establishing Program Ownership 2: External Financing and Public Expenditure
Chris Rogers
6. Consolidating Ownership: The 1976 IMF Loan
Chris Rogers
7. The Legitimacy Deficit: Competing Institutions, Competing Consensus, and Self-Insurance

Hancock, Hugh - Machinima For Dummies, ebook

Machinima For Dummies

Hancock, Hugh


The book focuses on the following Machinima platforms:
The Sims 2: Arguably the most popular Machinima platform of all time, The Sims 2 allows you to tell stories ranging from romance to noir action. World