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Bodry, Catherine - Lonely Planet Alaska, ebook

Lonely Planet Alaska

Bodry, Catherine


Wonder at epic glaciers, spot bears the size of bison, or catch the midnight sun in the Arctic Circle all with your trusted travel companion. Get to the heart of Alaska and begin your journey now!
Inside Lonely Planet Alaska Travel Guide: Full-color maps and

Caterina, Raffaele De - Endothelial Dysfunctions and Vascular Disease, ebook

Endothelial Dysfunctions and Vascular Disease

Caterina, Raffaele De


This book bears the fruits of a collaboration between the “pupil” (RDC) and the “mentor” (PL). During an extended sabbatical of the pupil in Boston in 1994, we probed together the concept that endothelial dysfunction served as a common denominator

Hopkins, Bruce R. - The Law of Tax-Exempt Organizations, ebook

The Law of Tax-Exempt Organizations

Hopkins, Bruce R.


The last decade alone bears witness to an immense and unprecedented augmentation of the federal tax (and other) law of tax-exempt organizations. You need an easy-to-use reference—written in plain English—to help you understand the issues at hand and make

Fitzgerald, Mark - Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and Photoshop Workflow Bible, ebook

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and Photoshop Workflow Bible

Fitzgerald, Mark


The digital photographer's workflow is divided into two distinct parts - the Production Workflow and the Creative Workflow. The Production workflow is used to import and organize large numbers of images, and prepare them for presentation via proof printing, Web, or slideshow. Increasingly, photographers are turning to Adobe's

Averbuck, Alexis - National Parks of Europe, ebook

National Parks of Europe

Averbuck, Alexis


They protect areas of coast, high-altitude peaks in the Pyrenees and Alps, and even parts of the frozen Arctic, with wildlife ranging from Carpathian squirrels and fin whales to peregrine falcons and polar bears. Setting out to choose Europe's top 60 national parks

Drengson, Alan - The Selected Works of Arne Naess, ebook

The Selected Works of Arne Naess

Drengson, Alan


Self-Realization in Mixed Communities of Human Beings, Bears, Sheep, and Wolves
112. Philosophy of Wolf Policies I: General Principles and Preliminary Exploration of Selected Norms (coau
113. Deep Ecology and Conservation Biology
114. The Tragedy of Norwegian

Lowman, Margaret - Treetops at Risk, ebook

Treetops at Risk

Lowman, Margaret


Table of contents
Part I. Emerging Issues
1. The Role of Scientific Conferences to Foster Conservation Solutions for Global Forests
Margaret Lowman, Soubadra Devy, T. Ganesh
2. Greening the Planet?
Thomas Lovejoy
3. Comparative Canopy Biology and the Structure of Ecosystems
Mark W. Moffett
4. Forest

Minai, Ali - Unifying Themes in Complex Systems, ebook

Unifying Themes in Complex Systems

Minai, Ali


About the bears and the bees: Adaptive responses to asymmetric warfare
Alex Ryan
74. Improving Decision Making in the Area of National and International Security—the Future Map methodology
Donald Heathfield
75. Comparison of chaotic biomagnetic field