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Hayward, Matt W. - Reintroduction of Top-Order Predators, ebook

Reintroduction of Top-Order Predators

Hayward, Matt W.


Experts on tigers, snow leopards and jaguars contend that there are other conservation options of higher priority that will ensure their security in the long-term. Other experts discuss more theoretical aspects such as whether we know enough about these species to

Ford, Derek - Karst Hydrogeology and Geomorphology, ebook

Karst Hydrogeology and Geomorphology

Ford, Derek

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 The book ends with chapters on karst water resource management and a look at the important issues of environmental management, including environmental impact assessment, environmental rehabilitation, tourism impacts and conservation values. Practical application

Hong, Sun-Kee - Landscape Ecology in Asian Cultures, ebook

Landscape Ecology in Asian Cultures

Hong, Sun-Kee


Eco-Cultural Diversity in Island and Coastal Landscapes: Conservation and Development
Sun-Kee Hong
3. Ethnic Culture and Nature: Interactions in the Hani Terrace Landscape
Yuanmei Jiao, Xiuzhen Li
4. The Characteristics of the Cultural Landscape in

Inoue-Murayama, Miho - From Genes to Animal Behavior, ebook

From Genes to Animal Behavior

Inoue-Murayama, Miho


Applications of Personality to the Management and Conservation of Nonhuman Animals
David M. Powell, Marieke Cassia Gartner
9. Developing and Validating Measures of Temperament in Livestock
Simon P. Turner, Jenny M. Gibbons, Marie J. Haskell
Part III.

Aguirre, Julio - Rhodolith/Maërl Beds: A Global Perspective, ebook

Rhodolith/Maërl Beds: A Global Perspective

Aguirre, Julio


Conservation Status of Rhodolith/Maërl at Major Ocean Basins
10. North Atlantic Rhodolith Beds
Jazmin J. Hernandez-Kantun, Jason M. Hall-Spencer, Jacques Grall, Walter Adey, Fabio Rindi, Christine A. Maggs, Ignacio Bárbara, Viviana Peña
11. Mediterranean

Furuichi, Takeshi - The Bonobos, ebook

The Bonobos

Furuichi, Takeshi


The Conservation Value of Lola ya Bonobo Sanctuary
Claudine André, Crispin Kamate, Pierrot Mbonzo, Dominique Morel, Brian Hare

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Sakio, Hitoshi - Ecology of Riparian Forests in Japan, ebook

Ecology of Riparian Forests in Japan

Sakio, Hitoshi


Ecology and conservation of an endangered willow, Salix hukaoana
Wajiro Suzuki, Satoshi Kikuchi
20. Strategy for the reallocation of plantations to semi-natural forest for the conservation of endangered riparian

Ramawat, K.G. - Desert Plants, ebook

Desert Plants

Ramawat, K.G.


Biodiversity, Biology and Conservation of Medicinal Plants of the Thar Desert
Jaya Arora, Shaily Goyal, Kishan Gopal Ramawat
2. Potentiality of Hydrocarbon Yielding Plants for Future Energy and Chemicals
Dipul Kalita
3. Biology and Biotechnological

Marsh, Laura K. - Primates in Fragments, ebook

Primates in Fragments

Marsh, Laura K.


Because Conservation Counts: Primates and Fragmentation
Laura K. Marsh
2. Assessing Habitat Fragmentation Effects on Primates: The Importance of Evaluating Questions at the Correct Scale
Víctor Arroyo-Rodríguez, Eddaly Cuesta-del Moral, Salvador Mandujano,