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Ayres, Peter G. - Shaping Ecology: The Life of Arthur Tansley, ebook

Shaping Ecology: The Life of Arthur Tansley

Ayres, Peter G.

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Ecology underpins the principles and practices of modern conservation and the maintenance of biodiversity. It explains the causes of, and offers solutions to, problems of climate change. Yet ecology is a young science, barely 100 years old. Its origins lie in phytogeography,

Lockwood, Julie - Invasion Ecology, ebook

Invasion Ecology

Lockwood, Julie


This book provides a synthesis of this fast growing field of research and is an essential text for undergraduate and graduate students in ecology and conservation management.

Saha, Kshudiram - The Earth’s Atmosphere, ebook

The Earth’s Atmosphere

Saha, Kshudiram


Table of contents
Part I. Physics of the Earth’s Atmosphere
1. The Sun and the Earth – The Solar System and the Earth’s Gravitation
Kshudiram Saha
2. The Earth’s Atmosphere – Its Origin, Composition and Properties
Kshudiram Saha
3. Heat and Thermodynamics of the Atmosphere
Kshudiram Saha

Henry, Robert J. - Molecular Markers in Plants, ebook

Molecular Markers in Plants

Henry, Robert J.

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Subsequent chapters look at a wide range of applications for the use of these advances in fields as diverse as plant breeding, production, biosecurity, and conservation. The final chapters look forward toward future developments in the field.
Looking broadly at

Kuzmin, Dmitri - Flux-Corrected Transport, ebook

Flux-Corrected Transport

Kuzmin, Dmitri


Algebraic Flux Correction and Geometric Conservation in ALE Computations
Guglielmo Scovazzi, Alejandro López Ortega
10. Constrained-Optimization Based Data Transfer
Pavel Bochev, Denis Ridzal, Guglielmo Scovazzi, Mikhail Shashkov
11. An Evaluation

Bottjer, David J. - Paleoecology: Past, Present and Future, ebook

Paleoecology: Past, Present and Future

Bottjer, David J.


Topics include the use of actualism in paleoecology, development of paleoecological models for paleoenvironmental reconstruction, taphonomy and exceptional fossil preservation, evolutionary paleoecology and ecological change through time, and conservation paleoecology.

Olbers, Dirk - Ocean Dynamics, ebook

Ocean Dynamics

Olbers, Dirk


Table of contents
1. Preliminaries
Dirk Olbers, Jürgen Willebrand, Carsten Eden
2. Conservation Laws for Moving Fluids
Dirk Olbers, Jürgen Willebrand, Carsten Eden
3. Approximations Derived from Mode Filtering
Dirk Olbers, Jürgen Willebrand, Carsten Eden
4. Approximations Relating to Density Changes