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Yuan, Yong - Computational Structural Engineering, ebook

Computational Structural Engineering

Yuan, Yong


Computational Multi-Scale Methods and Evolving Discontinuities
René Borst
2. Damage Cumulation Analysis of Welded Joints under Low Cycle Loadings
Zuyan Shen, Aihui Wu
3. Ageing Degradation of Concrete Dams Based on Damage Mechanics Concepts

He, Xingui - Computer, Informatics, Cybernetics and Applications, ebook

Computer, Informatics, Cybernetics and Applications

He, Xingui


Novel Methods for Extending Optical Code Set for Coherent OCDMA
Chen Peng
3. A Sequential Processing Method for Converted Measurement Kalman Filters Based on Orthogonal Transform
Junlin Tian, Chengyu Fu, Tao Tang
4. Improvement of an ID-Based Threshold

Zhu, Rongbo - Information Engineering and Applications, ebook

Information Engineering and Applications

Zhu, Rongbo


Research on Warning Methods for the Intrusion of Airport Enclosure Based on Dual M-Z Fiber Optic System
Jiang Lihui, Yang Ruoyu
25. A New Medium Access Control Protocol Application on the Hidden Node Interference
Guobin Chen, Mei Rong, Guangquan Zhang

Das, Vinu V - Information Processing and Management, ebook

Information Processing and Management

Das, Vinu V


Applications of Graph Theory in Face Biometrics
Dakshina Ranjan Kisku, Phalguni Gupta, Jamuna Kanta Sing
7. Substitution-Diffusion Based Image Cipher Using Chaotic Standard Map and 3D Cat Map
Anil Kumar, M. K. Ghose
8. Hybrid Activities of AODV for

Popkova, Elena G. - The Impact of Information on Modern Humans, ebook

The Impact of Information on Modern Humans

Popkova, Elena G.


Evaluation of Technological Innovations of a Company by the Methods of Chain Repeat and Equivalent Annuity
Sergey N. Yashin, Yury V. Trifonov, Egor V. Koshelev, Julia A. Grinevich, Sergey L. Ivankovsky
29. The Russian Information Systems of the Housing and