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Alexandrov, †A.D. - Convex Polyhedra, ebook

Convex Polyhedra

Alexandrov, †A.D.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
2. Basic Concepts and Simplest Properties of Convex Polyhedra
3. Methods and Results
4. Uniqueness of Polyhedra with Prescribed Development
5. Existence of Polyhedra with Prescribed Development
6. Gluing…

Ischebeck, Friedrich - Ideals and Reality, ebook

Ideals and Reality

Ischebeck, Friedrich


Table of contents
1. Basic Commutative Algebra 1
2. Introduction to Projective Modules
3. Stably Free Modules
4. Serre’s Conjecture
5. Continuous Vector Bundles
6. Basic Commutative Algebra II
7. Serre’s Splitting Theorem and…