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Marchetti, Mauro - Landscapes and Landforms of Italy, ebook

Landscapes and Landforms of Italy

Marchetti, Mauro


Table of contents
1. Introduction to the Landscapes and Landforms of Italy
Mauro Soldati, Mauro Marchetti
Part I. Physical Environment
2. The Great Diversity of Italian Landscapes and Landforms: Their Origin and Human Imprint
Mauro Marchetti, Mauro Soldati, Vittoria Vandelli
3. Outline of the Geology of

Finkl, Charles W. - Diversity in Coastal Marine Sciences, ebook

Diversity in Coastal Marine Sciences

Finkl, Charles W.


Geology, Geophysics and Sedimentology
6. New Insights into the Black Sea Basin, in the Light of the Reprocessing of Vintage Regional Seismic Data
Ioan Munteanu, Paolo Diviacco, Chiara Sauli, Corneliu Dinu, Mihai Burcă, Nicolae Panin, Giuseppe Brancatelli

Audra, Philippe - Hypogene Karst Regions and Caves of the World, ebook

Hypogene Karst Regions and Caves of the World

Audra, Philippe


Table of contents
1. Types and Settings of Hypogene Karst
Alexander Klimchouk
Part I. Europe
2. Hypogenic Caves in the UK
Andrew R. Farrant, Tony Harrison
3. Hypogene Caves in France
Philippe Audra
4. Evidence for Regional Hypogene Speleogenesis in Murcia (SE Spain)
Fernando Gázquez, José

Herman, Ellen K. - Karst Groundwater Contamination and Public Health, ebook

Karst Groundwater Contamination and Public Health

Herman, Ellen K.


Karst Geology and Regional Hydrogeology in Denmark
Bertel Nilsson, Peter Gravesen
35. Recharge and Water-Quality Controls for a Karst Aquifer in Central Texas
Brian A. Smith, Brian B. Hunt
36. Monitoring of Cueva Larga, Puerto Rico—A First Step to

Yamada, Yasuhiro - Submarine Mass Movements and Their Consequences, ebook

Submarine Mass Movements and Their Consequences

Yamada, Yasuhiro


Geowave Validation with Case Studies: Accurate Geology Reproduces Observations
Philip Watts, David R. Tappin
47. Tsunami Hazards for Nuclear Power Plants: Mass Failures, Uncertainty, and Warning
Philip Watts
48. Submarine Slope Response to Earthquake

Chen, Yunmin - Advances in Environmental Geotechnics, ebook

Advances in Environmental Geotechnics

Chen, Yunmin


Table of contents
1. The 2009 Zeng Guo-Xi Lecture
1. Systems Engineering The Design and Operation of Municipal Solid Waste Landfills To Minimize Contamination of Ground Water
R. Kerry Rowe
2. Static and Seismic Analysis of Solid Waste Landfills
Pedro Simão Sêco e Pinto
2. Invited Lectures
3. Modeling

Ugai, Keizo - Earthquake-Induced Landslides, ebook

Earthquake-Induced Landslides

Ugai, Keizo


Classification of the Geomorphology, Geology and Movement Types of Earthquake Landslides
Daisuke Higaki, Shinro Abe
6. The Collapse Process of Granular Slopes Under Seismic Forcing
Hsien-Ter Chou, Ching-Fang Lee, Su-Chin Chen
7. Slope Motion Response