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Leleu, Sinead - French Speaking and Listening (KS2), ebook

French Speaking and Listening (KS2)

Leleu, Sinead

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Activities range from role plays and surveys to quizzes, presentations and games. All encourage pupils to practise speaking autonomously, leading to more pupil-speaking time and less teacher-speaking time. These tried-and-tested activities provide a fun and enjoyable

Varma, Ved Prakash - The Inner Life of Children with Special Needs, ebook

The Inner Life of Children with Special Needs

Varma, Ved Prakash


This can be inferred from their preoccupations, stories, plays, games, conversations and behaviour. Because many children with special needs are emotionally confused, anxious and angry, their inner lives often contain secrets that may be permanent and damaging. These

Helenius, Ola - Mathematics Education in the Early Years, ebook

Mathematics Education in the Early Years

Helenius, Ola


Mathematical Understanding in Transition from Kindergarten to Primary School: Play as Bridge Between Two Educational Institutions
Dorothea Tubach, Marcus Nührenbörger
6. Investigating the Potential of the Home Learning Environment for Early Mathematics Learning:

Mouza, Chrystalla - Emerging Technologies for the Classroom, ebook

Emerging Technologies for the Classroom

Mouza, Chrystalla


Creative Play in Virtual Worlds: Avatar Designs, Language Play, and Cheats
Deborah A. Fields, Yasmin B. Kafai
17. Imagining, Creating, Playing, Sharing, Reflecting: How Online Community Supports Young People as Designers

Silin, Jonathan G. - Early Childhood, Aging, and the Life Cycle, ebook

Early Childhood, Aging, and the Life Cycle

Silin, Jonathan G.


Table of contents
1. A Life-Changing Diagnosis: Mapping Common Ground Between Young and Old
Jonathan G. Silin
2. The Year of Turning Seventy
Jonathan G. Silin
3. Becoming a Nursery School Teacher: What Early Childhood Can Teach Us About the Rest of Life
Jonathan G. Silin
4. Learning from Loss: Playing

Oglethorpe, Sheila - Instrumental Music for Dyslexics, ebook

Instrumental Music for Dyslexics

Oglethorpe, Sheila


It describes dyslexia in layman's terms and explains how the various problems which a dyslexic may have can affect all aspects of learning to play a musical instrument. It alerts the music teacher with a problem pupil to the possibilities of that pupil's having some