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GARBER, DAN - The Mechanization of Natural Philosophy, ebook

The Mechanization of Natural Philosophy



Table of contents
1. Remarks on the Pre-history of the Mechanical Philosophy
Daniel Garber
2. How Bacon Became Baconian
Guido Giglioni
3. An Empire Divided: French Natural Philosophy (1670–1690)
Sophie Roux
4. Matter and Form…

Strech, Daniel - Ethics in Public Health and Health Policy, ebook

Ethics in Public Health and Health Policy

Strech, Daniel


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Daniel Strech
2. Where Public Health Meets Ethics. Conceptual Foundations and Practical Challenges of Public Health
Irene Hirschberg, Jasper Littmann, Daniel Strech
Part I. Concepts
3. Normative…

Stjernfelt, Frederik - Diagrammatology, ebook


Stjernfelt, Frederik


Table of contents
Part I. Diagrams – Peirce and Husserl
1. Let’s Stick Together
Frederik Stjernfelt
2. The physiology of arguments – Peirce’s extreme realism
Frederik Stjernfelt
3. How to Learn More
Frederik Stjernfelt

Santinello, Giovanni - Models of the History of Philosophy, ebook

Models of the History of Philosophy

Santinello, Giovanni


Table of contents
1. The Histories of Philosophy in France in the Age of Descartes
Gregorio Piaia
2. Philosophical Historiography in France from Bayle to Deslandes
Gregorio Piaia
3. A “Critical” History of Philosophy and the Early…

Løkke, Håvard - Knowledge and virtue in early Stoicism, ebook

Knowledge and virtue in early Stoicism

Løkke, Håvard


Table of contents
1. From Zeno to Chrysippus
Håvard Løkke
2. Nurtured by Nature
Håvard Løkke
3. Our Thoughts and Their Objects
Håvard Løkke
4. Knowledge and Mistakes
Håvard Løkke
5. Our Progress Towards Virtue

Rini, Adriane - Aristotle's Modal Proofs, ebook

Aristotle's Modal Proofs

Rini, Adriane


Table of contents
1. The Non-Modal Syllogistic: An.Pr. A1–7
Adriane Rini
2. The Assertoric Syllogistic in LPC
Adriane Rini
3. A Realm of Darkness
Adriane Rini
4. Technicolour Terms
Adriane Rini
5. Representing the…

Torre, Massimo La - Law as Institution, ebook

Law as Institution

Torre, Massimo La


Table of contents
1. Two Opposing Conceptions
Massimo Torre
2. The Normativist View
Massimo Torre
3. Meaning and Norm
Massimo Torre
4. Law as Institution
Massimo Torre
5. Law and Power
Massimo Torre
6. Meaning…