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O'Dowd, Colin D. - Nucleation and Atmospheric Aerosols, ebook

Nucleation and Atmospheric Aerosols

O'Dowd, Colin D.


Stochastic Birth and Death Equations to Treat Chemistry and Nucleation in Small Systems
Christiane Maria Losert-Valiente Kroon, Ian J. Ford
Part III. Nucleation: Ion and Cluster Properties
69. Surface Nucleation in Freezing Nanoparticles
Richard K.

Bais, Alkiviadis - Perspectives on Atmospheric Sciences, ebook

Perspectives on Atmospheric Sciences

Bais, Alkiviadis


Short-Term Variability of Fine Inorganic Particulate Matter Over Athens, Greece
D. Paraskevopoulou, P. Zarmpas, L. Fourtziou, E. Gerasopoulos, N. Mihalopoulos
125. Impact of Chemical Composition on NPF, CCN and Droplet Formation at South Aegean Sea During Summertime

Allen, John F. - Photosynthesis. Energy from the Sun, ebook

Photosynthesis. Energy from the Sun

Allen, John F.


Functional Manganese Model Chemistry Relevant to the Oxygen-Evolving Complex of Photosystem II: Oxidation of a Mn(III,IV) Complex Coupled to Deprotonation of a Terminal Water Ligand
Clyde W. Cady, Robert H. Crabtree, Gary W. Brudvig
86. Photoactivation of the