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Izak, Michał - The Future of University Education, ebook

The Future of University Education

Izak, Michał


Speculations on University Futures in 2025: Corporate Cloning, Intellectual Underground, and a New Critical Awareness
George Cairns
16. 2021: A Campus Odyssey
Monika Kostera
17. Anti-Coda
Michał Izak, Monika Kostera, Michał Zawadzki

Richelle, Isabelle - State Aid Law and Business Taxation, ebook

State Aid Law and Business Taxation

Richelle, Isabelle


Table of contents
Part I. Fundamentals
1. Tax Legislation and the Notion of Fiscal Aid: A Review of 5 Years of European Jurisprudence
Wolfgang Schön
2. State Aid and Taxation: Selectivity and Comparability Analysis
Michael Lang
3. Tax Incentives Under State Aid Law: A Competition Law Perspective

Asante, Molefi Kete - Maulana Karenga: An Intellectual Portrait, ebook

Maulana Karenga: An Intellectual Portrait

Asante, Molefi Kete

From 25,30€

Asante examines the sources of Karenga's intellectual preoccupations and demonstrates that Karenga's concerns with the liberation narratives and mythic realities of African people are rooted in the best interests of a collective humanity.
The book shows Karenga

Keane, John - Civil Society: Old Images, New Visions, ebook

Civil Society: Old Images, New Visions

Keane, John


Keane also takes the reader into previously uncharted intellectual territory by demonstrating that the civil society perspective contains unharnessed potentials: that it is possible to develop bold new images of civil society that alter the ways in which we think about

Reid, Alan D. - A Companion to Research in Education, ebook

A Companion to Research in Education

Reid, Alan D.


Dialectics of Race Criticality: Studies in Racial Stratification and Education
Zeus Leonardo
33. What It Means To Be Critical: Beyond Rhetoric and Toward Action
Gloria Ladson-Billings
34. On Being “Race Critical”
Michael W. Apple
35. Untangling