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Bubenzer, Olaf - African Landscapes, ebook

African Landscapes

Bubenzer, Olaf


Landscape in Geography and Landscape Ecology, Landscape Specification and Classification in Geomorphology
Olaf Bubenzer
3. Towards a Reconstruction of Land Use Potential
Andreas Bolten, Olaf Bubenzer, Frank Darius, Karin Kindermann
4. Landscape Ecology

Crawley, Michael J. - The R Book, ebook

The R Book

Crawley, Michael J.


The high-level language of R is recognized as one of the most powerful and flexible statistical software environments, and is rapidly becoming the standard setting for quantitative analysis, statistics and graphics. R provides free access to unrivalled coverage and cutting-edge applications,

Burkhardt, Hans - Data Analysis, Machine Learning and Applications, ebook

Data Analysis, Machine Learning and Applications

Burkhardt, Hans


Projecting Dialect Distances to Geography: Bootstrap Clustering vs. Noisy Clustering
John Nerbonne, Peter Kleiweg, Wilbert Heeringa, Franz Manni
77. Structural Differentiae of Text Types – A Quantitative Model
Olga Pustylnikov, Alexander Mehler

Zhang, Tianbiao - Future Computer, Communication, Control and Automation, ebook

Future Computer, Communication, Control and Automation

Zhang, Tianbiao


Table of contents
1. The Design of the Portable EEG Acquisition Device Based on ZigBee Wireless Protocol
Xian-bin Sun, Lei Mou, Yan Wen
2. Correlation between Broccoli Planting Density and Broccoli Plant Character, Commercial Quality and Yield
Weiming Liu, Enguo Wang, Jun Lin
3. Mathematical Modeling for the