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Cord, Matthieu - Machine Learning Techniques for Multimedia, ebook

Machine Learning Techniques for Multimedia

Cord, Matthieu


Machine Learning for Semi-structured Multimedia Documents: Application to Pornographic Filtering and Thematic Categorization
Ludovic Denoyer, Patrick Gallinari
11. Classification and Clustering of Music for Novel Music Access Applications
Thomas Lidy,

Halpin, Harry - Social Semantics, ebook

Social Semantics

Halpin, Harry


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Harry Halpin
2. Architecture of the World Wide Web
Harry Halpin
3. The Semantic Web
Harry Halpin
4. Theories of Semantics on the Web
Harry Halpin
5. The Semantics of Tagging

Abraham, Ajith - Hybrid Intelligent Systems, ebook

Hybrid Intelligent Systems

Abraham, Ajith


GMM-KNN: A Method for Processing Continuous k-NN Queries Based on The Gaussian Mixture Model
Ziqiang Yu, Mincai Lai, Lin Wang
5. Edge Detection for Cement Images Based on Interactive Genetic Algorithm
Guangyue Gao, Lin Wang, Bo Yang, Liangliang Zhang,