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Lassner, Phyllis - Anglo-Jewish Women Writing the Holocaust, ebook

Anglo-Jewish Women Writing the Holocaust

Lassner, Phyllis


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Phyllis Lassner
2. Other People’s Houses: Remembering the Kindertransport
Phyllis Lassner
3. Karen Gershon: Stranger from the Kindertransport
Phyllis Lassner
4. Dramas of the Kindertransport…

Goodman, Martin - Jews in a Graeco-Roman World, ebook

Jews in a Graeco-Roman World

Goodman, Martin


Some of the sixteen contributors are specialists in Jewish history, others in classics. They tackle from different angles the extent to which... Copying to clipboard limited to 5 samples

Dow, Leon Wiener - The Going, ebook

The Going

Dow, Leon Wiener


Table of contents
1. Beginnings
Leon Wiener Dow
2. Saying, Writing, Doing
Leon Wiener Dow
3. Shared Spacetime: Community
Leon Wiener Dow
4. The Ineffable
Leon Wiener Dow