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Seckbach, Joseph - Genesis - In The Beginning, ebook

Genesis - In The Beginning

Seckbach, Joseph


Recurrent Dreams of Life in Meteorites
Richard Gordon, Jesse C. Mcnichol
30. Are We from Outer Space?
Jesse C. Mcnichol, Richard Gordon
31. Origin of Life and Panspermia
Chandra Wickramasinghe
32. The Dimeric Proto-Ribosome Within the Modern

Martens, K. - Aquatic Biodiversity II, ebook

Aquatic Biodiversity II

Martens, K.


Table of contents
1. The study of biodiversity in freshwater habitats: societal relevance and suggestions for priorities in science policy
Luc Meester, Steven Declerck
2. Biodiversity: a resource with a monetary value?
Henri J. Dumont
3. Linking science and policy for biodiversity
Anne Franklin

Allen, John F. - Discoveries in Photosynthesis, ebook

Discoveries in Photosynthesis

Allen, John F.


Table of contents
I.. Editorials
1. Celebrating the millennium — historical highlights of photosynthesis research, Part 1
Govindjee, Howard Gest
2. Celebrating the millennium — historical highlights of photosynthesis research, Part 2
Govindjee, J. Thomas Beatty, Howard Gest
3. Celebrating the millennium

Turner, Francis J. - Social Work Diagnosis in Contemporary Practice, ebook

Social Work Diagnosis in Contemporary Practice

Turner, Francis J.


Nurturing life with dreams: Therapeutic dream work with cancer patients, Ann Goelitz 64. Using eye movement desensitization to enhance treatment of couples, Howard Protinsky, Jennifer Sparks and Kimberly Flemke 65. Depression, existential family therapy, and Victor

Brunn, Stanley D. - Engineering Earth, ebook

Engineering Earth

Brunn, Stanley D.


Built in a Field of Dreams? Spatial Engineering and Political Symbolism of South Africa’s Rapid Rail Link Development, Gautrain
Ronnie Donaldson, Janis Westhuizen
40. Manufacturing Consent for Engineering Earth: Social Dynamics in Boston’s Big Dig