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Ouyang, Yun - Applied Sciences in Graphic Communication and Packaging, ebook

Applied Sciences in Graphic Communication and Packaging

Ouyang, Yun


Synthesis and Mesophases Study on 2-Hexylhexanoate-3,6,7,10,11-Pentabutoxytriphenylene
Huanzhi Yang, Zhenghu Zhang, Wanying Zhang, Xingtian Hao, Feng Hong, Chunxiu Zhang, Jialing Pu
108. Synthesis and Property Study of 2-Undecenoic Acid Ester-3,6,7,10,11-Penta-Pentyloxytri-Phenylene

 - TMS 2015 144<Superscript>th</Superscript> Annual Meeting &amp; Exhibition, ebook

TMS 2015 144th Annual Meeting & Exhibition


5H2O Nanobelts
Liang Wang, Hong-Yi Li, Chuang Wei, Yu Wang, Bing Xie
21. Effect of Distribution and Mechanical Properties of Aluminum Composite Reinforced with Nonmetallic Particles Fabricated by CGG Process
Youngsek Yang, Myeongsang Lee
22. Fabrication

Xing, Song - Unifying Electrical Engineering and Electronics Engineering, ebook

Unifying Electrical Engineering and Electronics Engineering

Xing, Song


Table of contents
Part I. Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution (1)
1. Methodology of Detection for Power Cable Insulation Defects Based on DC Voltage Withstand Test
Yusheng Quan, Yu Zhou, Yuliang Wu, Zisen Ning, Jiacheng Xiong, Zhongyang Liu
2. Methodology of Forecasting the Developing Tendency of a

Hyland, Margaret - Light Metals 2015, ebook

Light Metals 2015

Hyland, Margaret


The Resistibility of Semi-Graphitic Cathode to Alkali Metal (K and Na) Penetration
Fang Zhao, Kong Hailin, Li Linbo, Hong Tao
143. The Status and Development Trends of Carbon Cathode Materials in China
Shuchao Zhang, Zhongming Zhao, Baoguo Chen

Corkum, Paul - Ultrafast Phenomena XVI, ebook

Ultrafast Phenomena XVI

Corkum, Paul


Capturing Transient Solute Structures in Solution by Pulsed X-ray Diffraction
Jae Hyuk Lee, Tae Kyu Kim, Joonghan Kim, Qingyu Kong, Marco Cammarata, Maciej Lorenc, Michael Wulff, Hyotcherl Ihee
44. Structural kinetics in protein-coated gold nanoparticles probed