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Brunt, Liam - China from the Inside, ebook

China from the Inside

Brunt, Liam


Table of contents
1. Life on Mars
Liam Brunt
2. Getting There
Liam Brunt
3. A Poison Pen Letter
Liam Brunt
4. The Temple of Heaven
Liam Brunt
5. When the Chips Are Down
Liam Brunt
6. Building Sights
Liam Brunt
7. Xi’an
Liam Brunt
8. A Week of Firsts
Liam Brunt

Beevers, Gareth - ABC of Hypertension, ebook

ABC of Hypertension

Beevers, Gareth


This sixth edition:
Provides practical guidance on measurement of blood pressure and the investigation and management of hypertensive patientsExplains new developments in measurement and automated measurement of blood pressure andUpdates coverage on treatment of the elderly and explains of the implications

Rajpar, Sajjad - ABC of Skin Cancer, ebook

ABC of Skin Cancer

Rajpar, Sajjad


In line with the latest NICE guidelines in the UK, this book outlines best practice management in primary care, whilst also covering the Australian perspective on this cancer. Chapters on non-surgical treatment and prevention are also included.
This new highly

Dodds, Sherril - Dancing on the Canon, ebook

Dancing on the Canon

Dodds, Sherril


‘Naughty but Nice’: Re-Articulations of Value in Neo-Burlesque Striptease
Sherril Dodds
8. Pogoing, Headbanging and Skanking: Economies of Value in Dancing Subcultures
Sherril Dodds
9. ‘There’s a Land That I’ve Heard About’: Envisioning

Rogers, Silvia M. - Mastering Scientific and Medical Writing, ebook

Mastering Scientific and Medical Writing

Rogers, Silvia M.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Silvia M. Rogers
2. Good Versus Poor Scientific Writing: An Orientation
Silvia M. Rogers
3. Words and Units: Orthography and Punctuation
Silvia M. Rogers
4. Forming Sentences: Grammar
Silvia M. Rogers
5. Putting It Nicely: Style
Silvia M. Rogers

Berry, Ian - The Race, ebook

The Race

Berry, Ian


Sometimes it’s nice to use those powers just for themselves, on a day out, to the Moon! Their ability to travel in time sees them appear on TV, both as the Saskias and the SuperTwins - at the same time. Just because they look like Saskia and Saskia instead of Kyra

Smithson, W. Henry - ABC of Epilepsy, ebook

ABC of Epilepsy

Smithson, W. Henry


Edited by a general practitioner and neurologist team, the ABC of Epilepsy reflects current NICE guidelines and is ideal for all GPs, primary health care professionals, practice nurses and specialist nurses, and non-specialist medical staff who play an increasing role

Meinel, Dietmar - Pixar's America, ebook

Pixar's America

Meinel, Dietmar


“You Better Play Nice”: Digital Enchantment and the Performance of Toyness in Toy Story (1995)
Dietmar Meinel
3. An Animated Toast to the Ephemeral: The Multicultural Logic of Late Capitalism in Toy Story 2 (1999)
Dietmar Meinel
4. A Story of Social

Edmonds, Michael E. - Managing the Diabetic Foot, ebook

Managing the Diabetic Foot

Edmonds, Michael E.


New features of this Second Edition include:
Chapter on amputation has been expanded as has the overall surgical focus Metabolic control and all other aspects of management have also been extensively updated New introductory chapter which describes the assessment of the diabetic foot, incorporating