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Selin, Helaine - Happiness Across Cultures, ebook

Happiness Across Cultures

Selin, Helaine


Happiness and Life Satisfaction in Malaysia
Ryan T. Howell, Wan Tien Chong, Colleen J. Howell, Kurt Schwabe
5. Happiness and Quality of Life in the People’s Republic of China

Panchenko, Anna - Protein-protein Interactions and Networks, ebook

Protein-protein Interactions and Networks

Panchenko, Anna


Integrative Structure Determination of Protein Assemblies by Satisfaction of Spatial Restraints
Frank Alber, Brian T. Chait, Michael P. Rout, Andrej Sali
7. Topological and Dynamical Properties of Protein Interaction Networks
Sergei Maslov
8. From Protein

Brdar, Ingrid - The Human Pursuit of Well-Being, ebook

The Human Pursuit of Well-Being

Brdar, Ingrid


The Effect of Leisure Activities on Life Satisfaction: The Importance of Holiday Trips
Jeroen Nawijn, Ruut Veenhoven
5. From Flow to Optimal Experience: (Re)Searching the Quality of Subjective Experience Throughout Daily

Hasson, Gill - Happiness: How to Get Into the Habit of Being Happy, ebook

Happiness: How to Get Into the Habit of Being Happy

Hasson, Gill


These habits will help you manage life’s inevitable ups and downs; consistent practice will develop your happiness abilities and help you live the happy life you want.
 Aristotle believed that happiness was comprised of pleasure and a sense of life