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Klinkel, Sven - Seismic Design of Industrial Facilities, ebook

Seismic Design of Industrial Facilities

Klinkel, Sven


Seismic Design of Mechanical and Electrical Components According to Safety Standard KTA 2201 of the German Nuclear Safety Standards Commission
Matthias Wacker
22. Seismic Qualification of Equipment in Industrial Facilties
Carsten Block, Thomas Bauer, Fritz-Otto

Fink, Andreas - Operations Research Proceedings 2016, ebook

Operations Research Proceedings 2016

Fink, Andreas


An Optimal Expansion Strategy for the German Railway Network Until 2030
Andreas Bärmann
2. On- and Offline Scheduling of Bidirectional Traffic
Elisabeth Lübbecke
3. Integrated Segmentation of Supply and Demand with Service Differentiation

Stocker, Ulrike M. - Operations Research Proceedings 2006, ebook

Operations Research Proceedings 2006

Stocker, Ulrike M.


Table of contents
Part I. GOR Unternehmenspreis 2006
1. Staff and Resource Scheduling at Airports
Ulrich Dorndorf
Part II. GOR Dissertationspreis 2006
2. Produktionsplanung bei Variantenfließfertigung
Nils Boysen
3. Scheduling Buses and School Starting Times
Armin Fügenschuh
4. Dynamisches

Scharrer, I. - 34th Hemophilia Symposium, ebook

34th Hemophilia Symposium

Scharrer, I.


Frequency and Inhibitor Risk of the Intron-1-Inversion Mutation in the German Hemophilia Population
J. Schröder, J. Graw, H. -H. Brackmann, B. Kellner, S. Löffler, W. Schramm, R. Schwabb, C. Müller-Reible, J. Oldenburg
24. Effect of FVIII on Clotting Time