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Gómez-Reino, Margarita - Nationalisms in the European Arena, ebook

Nationalisms in the European Arena

Gómez-Reino, Margarita


Table of contents
Part I. Nationalisms and European Integration
1. The Europeanization of Opposing Nationalist Party Families
Margarita Gómez-Reino
2. The Minority Nationalist Party Family and the European Cleavage
Margarita Gómez-Reino
3. The Populist Nationalist Party Family and the European Cleavage

White, Jonathan - Political Allegiance After European Integration, ebook

Political Allegiance After European Integration

White, Jonathan


Table of contents
1. Political Community and the Bonds of Collectivity
Jonathan White
2. Studying the Allegiances of Europeans
Jonathan White
3. Articulations of the Political Common
Jonathan White
4. On Subjects, Opponents and Counterparts
Jonathan White
5. The Credibility of Political Projects

Dionigi, Maja Kluger - Lobbying in the European Parliament, ebook

Lobbying in the European Parliament

Dionigi, Maja Kluger


Regulating CO2 Emissions for Vans: Is the European Parliament Still a Defender of Environmental Interests?
Maja Kluger Dionigi
5. Food Information to Consumers: Variation in Lobbying Success Across Issues
Maja Kluger Dionigi
6. When Lobbying Produces

Brianson, Alex - Nordic States and European Integration, ebook

Nordic States and European Integration

Brianson, Alex


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Awkward Partners in the North?
Malin Stegmann McCallion, Alex Brianson
2. As Awkward as They Need to Be: Denmark’s Pragmatic Activist Approach to Europe
Anders Wivel
3. Re-Assessing Finland’s Integration Policy: The End of Domestic Consensus?
Hanna Ojanen, Tapio

Lašas, Ainius - European Union and NATO Expansion, ebook

European Union and NATO Expansion

Lašas, Ainius


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Explaining NATO and EU Enlargement
Ainius Lašas
2. The “Black Trinity” and the Cold War
Ainius Lašas
3. NATO Enlargement
Ainius Lašas
4. EU Enlargement
Ainius Lašas
5. Conclusions…

Joseph, Joseph S. - Turkey and the European Union, ebook

Turkey and the European Union

Joseph, Joseph S.


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Turkey at the Threshold of the European Union
Joseph S. Joseph
2. The Economic Dimension of Turkey’s EU Membership: A Stock-Taking Exercise at the Start of Accession Negotiations
Mehmet Ugur
3. Between Fedora and Fez: Modern Turkey’s Troubled Road to Democratic Consolidation

Johnson, Janet Elise - The Gender of Informal Politics, ebook

The Gender of Informal Politics

Johnson, Janet Elise


Introduction: Informal Politics and the Gender Equality Paradox
Janet Elise Johnson
2. Liberalization: How Economic Reforms Consolidated a Bait-and-Switch Male Dominance
Janet Elise Johnson
3. Women’s Representation: How Bait-and-Switch Male Dominance

Toje, Asle - The European Union as a Small Power, ebook

The European Union as a Small Power

Toje, Asle


The European Union as a Historical Phenomenon
Asle Toje
4. European Defence: The State of the Union
Asle Toje
5. The European Security Strategy Revisited
Asle Toje
6. Lessons from the Field
Asle Toje