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Stillman, Michael - Software for Algebraic Geometry, ebook

Software for Algebraic Geometry

Stillman, Michael


DEMiCs: A Software Package for Computing the Mixed Volume Via Dynamic Enumeration of all Mixed Cells
Tomohiko Mizutani, Akiko Takeda
6. SYNAPS: A Library for Dedicated Applications in Symbolic Numeric Computing
Bernard Mourrain, Jean-Pascal Pavone, Philippe

Kaliczyńska, Małgorzata - Automation 2017, ebook

Automation 2017

Kaliczyńska, Małgorzata


Optimization of Interpolation for Improved Numeric Calculation of Forward Eddy Current Tomography Transformation
Paweł Nowak, Roman Szewczyk, Robert Ugodziński, Piotr Bazydło
47. Comparison of Jiles-Atherton and Bulk Ferromagnetic Hysteresis Models for Modelling

Yao, Z. H. - Computational Mechanics, ebook

Computational Mechanics

Yao, Z. H.


A Relay-Zone Technique for Computing Dynamic Dislocations
S. Q. Tang, W. K. Liu, E. G. Karpov, T. Y. Hou
29. On the Interface Elements for Delamination Simulation of Laminated Plates Subject to Low-Velocity Impact
Guangyu Shi
30. A Perspective on Damage