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Arshad, Ahmad Kamil - InCIEC 2015, ebook

InCIEC 2015

Arshad, Ahmad Kamil


Discovery of Used Cooking Oil as Foaming Agent Admixture for Lightweight Foamed Concrete
M. M. A. Hafiz, A. R. Mohd Ridzuan, M. A. Fadzil, J. Nurliza
53. Monitoring of Precast Prestressed Concrete Beam due to Static Load by Using Pundit Equipment

Gökçekus, Hüseyin - Survival and Sustainability, ebook

Survival and Sustainability

Gökçekus, Hüseyin


Effect of Different Time and Temperature of Various Cooking Methods on Sulfonamide Residues in Chicken Balls
M.R. Ismail-Fitry, S. Jinap, B. Jamilah, A.A. Saleha
56. Reassessment of Tritium Dose Coefficients
A. Melintescu, D. Galeriu, H. Takeda