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Barkham, Richard - Real Estate and Globalisation, ebook

Real Estate and Globalisation

Barkham, Richard

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The topics highlight the relationship between real estate markets and global economic and political events – an area not well covered by academic journals.
A compelling introduction considers the dramatic boom and slump in real estate values that led up to the

Buszek, Maria Elena - A Companion to Feminist Art, ebook

A Companion to Feminist Art

Buszek, Maria Elena


Original essays offering fresh ideas and global perspectives on contemporary feminist art
The term ‘feminist art’ is often misused when viewed as a codification within the discipline of Art History—a codification that includes restrictive definitions of geography, chronology, style,

Reddick, Christopher G. - Comparative E-Government, ebook

Comparative E-Government

Reddick, Christopher G.


A Study of E-government and Political Indicators in Developing Nations with and Without Access-to-Information Laws
Jeannine E. Relly
28. Socializing E-governance: A Parallel Study of Participatory E-governance and Emerging Social Media
Eleni-Revekka Staiou,

Colls, Caroline Sturdy - Handbook of Missing Persons, ebook

Handbook of Missing Persons

Colls, Caroline Sturdy


Table of contents
1. Missing Persons: An Introduction
Stephen J. Morewitz, Caroline Sturdy Colls
2. A Profile of Missing Persons: Some Key Findings for Police Officers
Shaunagh Foy
3. Missing Person Appeals: A UK Perspective
Lucy Holmes
4. The Rhetoric and Reality of the AMBER Alert: Empirical and