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Cowie, Bronwen - A Companion to Research in Teacher Education, ebook

A Companion to Research in Teacher Education

Cowie, Bronwen


Clinical Praxis Exams: Linking Academic Study with Professional Practice Knowledge
Barbara Kameniar, Larissa McLean Davies, Jefferson Kinsman, Catherine Reid, Debra Tyler, Daniela Acquaro
5. A Role of Doing Philosophy in a Humanistic Approach to Teacher Education

Baker, Stephen R. - Notes of a Radiology Watcher, ebook

Notes of a Radiology Watcher

Baker, Stephen R.


The Changing Board Exam Schedule in the U.S.: Will General Radiologists and Emergency Radiologists Become Synonymous?
Stephen R. Baker
15. Bubble Trouble
Stephen R. Baker
16. Regulation Without Representation
Stephen R. Baker
Part III. Radiology

Jin, David - Advances in Future Computer and Control Systems, ebook

Advances in Future Computer and Control Systems

Jin, David


A New Approach to Recognize Online Handwritten NǚShu Characters
Yunchao Li, Jiangqing Wang
31. Research and Application of Maintenance Scheme Evaluating Model in Hot-Blast Stove
Yan Xie, Yane Liao, Zhe Mao
32. Triggering Collaborating in Converged

Mastorakis, Nikos - Proceedings of the European Computing Conference, ebook

Proceedings of the European Computing Conference

Mastorakis, Nikos


Electronic Exams for the 21st Century
Antonios S. Andreatos
40. Effects of the Orff Music Teaching Method on Creative Thinking Abilities
Rong - Jyue Fang, Hung-Jen Yang, C. Ray Diez, Hua-Lin Tsai, Chi-Jen Lee, Tien-Sheng Tsai
41. Knowledge Application