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Ahram, Tareq - Intelligent Human Systems Integration, ebook

Intelligent Human Systems Integration

Ahram, Tareq


Eye Movements and Lie Detection
Yulia V. Bessonova, Alexander A. Oboznov
26. What Are the Benefits of Newly Developed Medical Devices When the User Does not Use Them? – An Investigation of Hearing Aid Use
Verena Wagner-Hartl
27. Development of an

Mao, Jingwen - Mineral Deposit Research: Meeting the Global Challenge, ebook

Mineral Deposit Research: Meeting the Global Challenge

Mao, Jingwen


Cenozoic tectonic movement and its control on sandstone-type uranium deposits in the northern Junggar Basin
Z. -L. Chen, J. Liu, H. -L. Gong, E. -J. Zheng, X. -H. Wang
63. The evolution of prototype basin and its relation to sandstone-hosted uranium ore-formation

Durán, Juan José - Mathematics of Planet Earth, ebook

Mathematics of Planet Earth

Durán, Juan José


Multi-Temporal Evaluation of Landslide-Induced Movements and Damage Assessment in San Fratello (Italy) by Means of C- and X-Band PSI Data
Silvia Bianchini, Deodato Tapete, Andrea Ciampalini, Federico Di Traglia, Chiara Del Ventisette, Sandro Moretti, Nicola Casagli

Eskola, Hannu - EMBEC & NBC 2017, ebook

EMBEC & NBC 2017

Eskola, Hannu


Importance of HTA in modern Clinical Engineering
Guillermo Avendaño, Antonio Rienzo, Luis Danyau
20. Non-Contact Estimation of Sleep Staging
Alberto Zaffaroni, Emer P. Doheny, Luke Gahan, Yuri Ivanov, Hannah Kilroy, Niall O’Mahony, Damien O’Rourke