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Scheerens, Jaap - Perspectives on Educational Quality, ebook

Perspectives on Educational Quality

Scheerens, Jaap


The Quality of Education in the Netherlands, as Expressed by Achievement and Attainment Indicators
Jaap Scheerens, Hans Luyten, Jan Ravens
5. The Selectivity and Vocational Orientation of Education Systems
Jaap Scheerens, Hans Luyten, Jan Ravens

Kaya, Ayhan - Islam, Migration and Integration, ebook

Islam, Migration and Integration

Kaya, Ayhan


The Netherlands: from Multiculturalism to Assimilation
Ayhan Kaya
6. Building Communities: Comfort in Purity
Ayhan Kaya
7. Accommodation of Islam: Individualization vs. Institutionalization
Ayhan Kaya
8. Conclusion: Transnationalizing Integration

Zajda, Joseph - Globalisation, Policy and Comparative Research, ebook

Globalisation, Policy and Comparative Research

Zajda, Joseph


Table of contents
2. Globalisation, and Comparative Research: Implications for Education
Joseph Zajda
3. Comparative Education in an Increasingly Globalised World
Lynn Davies
4. Globalisation and Its Malcontents: In Pursuit of the Promise of Education
Crain Soudien
5. To Compare Is Human: Comparison

Go, Frank - Place Branding, ebook

Place Branding

Go, Frank


Case Zeeland (The Netherlands): Place Identity Research
Robert Govers, Frank Go
7. Case Flanders (Belgium): Place Identity Research
Robert Govers, Frank Go
Part 3. Place Brand Performance
8. Place Brand Performance Elements
Robert Govers, Frank

Arts, Bas - Institutional Dynamics in Environmental Governance, ebook

Institutional Dynamics in Environmental Governance

Arts, Bas


High Noon in the Low Countries: Recent Nature Policy Dynamics in the Netherlands and in Flanders
Dirk Bogaert, Jaap Gersie
7. Dynamics in Nature Policy Practices Across the European Union
Mariëlle van Zouwen
8. Diffusion or Diversity in Cultural Heritage