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McNay, Lois - Foucault: A Critical Introduction, ebook

Foucault: A Critical Introduction

McNay, Lois


It offers an assessment of all of Foucault's work, including his final writings on governmentality and the self. McNay argues that the later work initiates an important shift in his intellectual concerns which alters any retrospective reading of his writings as a whole.

Hessinger, Philipp - Globalisierung als Auto-Kapitalismus, ebook

Globalisierung als Auto-Kapitalismus

Hessinger, Philipp


Profitable Destruction between Experimentality and Governmentality: A theoretical perspective
Wolf Heydebrand
6. Insignien des Erfolgs. Zur Konstruktion von Elite in Autobiographien
Renate Liebold
7. Die Arbeit des „boundary-spanning“ – Der Expatriate

Bruns, Bettina - European Neighbourhood Policy, ebook

European Neighbourhood Policy

Bruns, Bettina


Both In-Between and Out: National Sovereignty and Cross-Border Governmentality in Euro 2012 in Lviv
Andrey Makarychev, Alexandra Yatsyk
6. The EaP Achievements in Ukraine and Georgia: Public Opinion vs. Institutional Changes
Tetiana Kostiuchenko, Liubov

Lindert, Paul - Decentralized Development in Latin America, ebook

Decentralized Development in Latin America

Lindert, Paul


Government, Governance and Governmentality in Pará, Northern Brazil
Dörte Segebart
10. Changing Prospects for Sustainable Forestry in Brazilian Amazonia: Exploring New Trends
Mirjam A.F. Ros-Tonen
11. Looking Back on NAFTA’s Promises and Realities

Gomez, Edmund Terence - The Politics of Resource Extraction, ebook

The Politics of Resource Extraction

Gomez, Edmund Terence


Transnational Governmentality in the Context of Resource Extraction
Suzana Sawyer, Edmund Terence Gomez
2. On Indigenous Identity and a Language of Rights
Suzana Sawyer, Edmund Terence Gomez
3. State, Capital, Multinational Institutions, and Indigenous

Petric, Boris - Democracy at Large, ebook

Democracy at Large

Petric, Boris


Democracy Promotion, Local Participation, and Transnational Governmentality in Afghanistan
Alessandro Monsutti
8. NGOs and the State: Clash or Class? Circulating Elites of “Good Governance” in Serbia
Theodora Vetta
9. Multiple Sovereignty and Transnationalism

Rai, Shirin M. - Global Governance, ebook

Global Governance

Rai, Shirin M.


Global Governance as Neo-liberal Governmentality: Gender Mainstreaming in the European Employment Strategy
Stefanie Woehl
5. Governing Intimacy in the World Bank
Kate Bedford
6. Governing the EU: Gender and Macroeconomics
Catherine Hoskyns

Kelly, Anne - Social Construction of Community Nursing, ebook

Social Construction of Community Nursing

Kelly, Anne


Contents PART 1: Introduction The Construction of Community Nursing The Welfare State, Social Democracy and the Nation's Health Constructing Communities; Policies and Cultures PART 2: Concepts of Community Nursing Constructions of Community Nursing Roles The Front Line; Community Nursing, Policies