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Han, Song-I - NMR Imaging in Chemical Engineering, ebook

NMR Imaging in Chemical Engineering

Han, Song-I


Written in a simple and lively manner and backed by various industrial examples, the book begins with a look at hardware and methods, continuing on to cover porous materials, fluids and flow of increasing complexity from different fields of Chemical Engineering, before

Schelkens, Peter - The JPEG 2000 Suite, ebook

The JPEG 2000 Suite

Schelkens, Peter


The book also presents implementation strategies accompanied by existing software and hardware solutions. Describes secure JPEG 2000 (JPSEC), interactivity protocols (JPIP), volumetric image data compression (JP3D) and image compression in wireless environments (JPWL),

Weverka, Peter - Windows XP Gigabook For Dummies, ebook

Windows XP Gigabook For Dummies

Weverka, Peter


You’ll discover how to: Customize Windows XP, set up user accounts, and share files Work with digital photos, Windows Media Player, and Windows Movie Maker Choose a printer, scanner, game hardware, and additional

Muller, Jean-Michel - Handbook of Floating-Point Arithmetic, ebook

Handbook of Floating-Point Arithmetic

Muller, Jean-Michel


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Jean-Michel Muller, Nicolas Brisebarre, Florent Dinechin, Claude-Pierre Jeannerod, Vincent Lefèvre, Guillaume Melquiond, Nathalie Revol, Damien Stehlé, Serge Torres
2. Definitions and Basic Notions
Jean-Michel Muller, Nicolas Brisebarre, Florent Dinechin, Claude-Pierre Jeannerod,

Auer, Michael E. - Interactive Collaborative Learning, ebook

Interactive Collaborative Learning

Auer, Michael E.


The Future of “Hardware – Software Reconfigurable”
D. Ursutiu, C. Samoila, V. Jinga, F. Altoe
24. An Instrument for Creativity Potentiation - Remote Experiment
Cornel Samoilă, Doru Ursuțiu, Vlad Jinga
25. Spatial Orientation and 3D Geometry

Fendel, Elfriede M. - Geo-information for Disaster Management, ebook

Geo-information for Disaster Management

Fendel, Elfriede M.


Experience and Perspective of Providing Satellite Based Crisis Information, Emergency Mapping & Disaster Monitoring Information to Decision Makers and Relief Workers
Stefan Voigt, Torsten Riedlinger, Peter Reinartz, Claudia Künzer, Ralph Kiefl, Thomas Kemper,